Sunrader 4X4 Story
Steves 85 Sunrader
Gregs 86 Sunrader
Nolan's 76 Chinook
Nolan's 75 Blew
84 4x4 Santana
4x4 Sunrader
1986 4x4 Granville
Mac's 88 Sunrader 4x4
91 4x4 Chinook
Karens' 4x4
4x4 Bandit
Ken's 4x4 Sunrader

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I am not sure how many coach companies built 4 wheel drive Toyota Motorhomes.

One such company is Sunrader. They built a total of 26?? 4x4's over I think a three or four year period. It is estimated that only 15 remain. We (Katherine & Greg) happen to be the proud owner of an 86 turbocharged version. From what I have learned there were (maybe) only two turbo's built and we have the only one still on the road.

The 4x4's are a rare machine and fetch a much higher price than the two wheel drive versions.