Join the TOYOTA RV RALLY in Quartzsite, AZ - Jan. 17-20
The next Toyota RV Rally is coming up soon in Quartzsite,
Arizona.  The town is located on Interstate 10, 20 miles east of
the Colorado River (border with California).  Reservations are
now being taken.

The dates are Friday, January 17 to Monday, January 20. 
This is during the first weekend of the huge RV show which is
held there every year.  Some folks in our group will be arriving
as early as Thursday the 16th, and staying for the entire 10-day

The RV show is a really fun event with free admission.  A giant
tent is erected with hundreds of vendors that cater to RVers. In
addition the rest of the town turns into one giant swap meet. 
There are specific sections for antiques, gems & minerals, and new
merchandise.  Plus multiple other vendors in every possible corner
and location.  If you like to shop for bargains, bring lots of
spending money.

We will be dry camping together at an RV park relatively close to
the show grounds.  We're going to be close enough to walk to it.  
That way we don't have to break camp each day to go to the show.  
In fact, RVers coming to it from outlying areas have to park even
farther away than where this RV Park is.  (The distance is only
.2 miles.)

In addition to the RV Show and Swap Meets, this is a great chance 
to meet other Toyota RVers, and see what they have done to per-
sonalize their "Toyhouses."  We will have an informal "Open House" 
on Saturday morning when folks can visit each other's vehicles and 
see the various ingenious things that owners have done to make them 
more livable and unique.  This is always a highlight of our Rallies.
We're expecting about 2 dozen Toyota RVs again this year.  The
park's proprietors are very amiable and happy to help us save
enough space for all our rigs.  The fee for a 24-hour parking/
camping spot is only $7 per day.  (One could easily spend a good
percentage of that on gas each day just driving around to
alternately find a parking spot and then a camping site.)  In
addition there is a one-time reservation fee of $8 to participate
and to have us save you a spot with the group.

Please make your reservation by phone, rather than email.  When
you call to confirm you are coming, you will get the specific
location of where exactly to find us among the tens of thousands
of RVers that will be there.  We did say it will be a HUGE event,

On Saturday and Sunday nights about 6pm we will have a community 
potluck dinner.  We eat whatever food shows up.  Folks who 
aren't camping with us are welcome to come for just the dinners. 
Besides some food to share, please also bring lots of firewood for
the campfires we'll have every evening.

Where we will be camping we will not have hook-ups or restrooms. 
(This is because none of the RV parks with hook-ups will take such
a large group reservation that weekend.)  Therefore it is best to
arrive with your tanks full of water and propane.  Generators are
allowed.  Water from a faucet and porta-potties are near the park
entrance.  Showers, propane, and a dump station are available within
driving distance for a fee.

Bikes and/or scooters are great to have to get around in this town. 
Pets are welcome, but large dogs are discouraged in the main show
tent.  The weather will be moderate during the day (60s) and cool
at night (40s), and probably windy.  We hope we won't get any nasty
rains like we had three years ago.

WiFi internet service is available in the RV park for a daily or
weekly fee.  Broadcast TV reception is practically non-existant,
but cell phone service is terrific!

To reserve a parking/camping spot with our group in the RV Park,
please call (rather than email) and let us know which nights you
will be coming, and how many folks and pets will be coming with
you.  You can send the $8 reservation fee via paypal or check.  Upon
receipt, you will get a phone call with a confirmation number, and
the specific directions for how to find us.  Upon arrival, don't be
surprised to find that the RV Park is full of bus-sized RVs which
is why, in this first-come/first-served park, it takes some effort
to "defend our turf."  The moderate $8 participation fee is for us
to save a spot for you and to help cover the costs of putting on the
rally.  The daily camping fee of $7 is to be paid to the proprietors
of the RV Park for each night you stay.  (Honor System, please.)  
To encourage folks to reserve soon, this Early-Bird price is for
reservations paid for before January 1st.  If you wait until the last
2 weeks, the reservation fee will be $10.

If you have never attended a Rally before, don't be shy — we always
have several first-time folks.  This is a great way to meet other 
Toyota RVers.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in the Rally with the group, and
camp inside the special section where we will be, YOU MUST RESERVE
A SPOT IN ADVANCE.  There is no limit on the number of rigs we
can have, but we are only going to rope off enough space and hold
spots for those that have called ahead of time.  Call us at
626-798-4510 to put your name on the list.  Call any day 11a - 9p 
Pacific time.  Leave a message if you get the voicemail for our 
business, Altius Health Center, and we will call you back.  

Yes, it's gonna be fun!

Tika in Southern California
'86 E-Z Ryder

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Hope to see you there soon!