California Weather Radar



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California Weather Radar

I have three short range base reflectivity radar images on this page, San Francisco Calif., Reno Nev. and Sacramento Calif. Scroll down for all the images. Base reflectivity images give the best sense of rain that is actually reaching the ground. For other radar pages go directly to the NOAA Radar page.

For local San Francisco/Monterey forecast information go to NOAA here

The weather service updates their image approximately every 5 minutes when its raining and every 10 minutes when its clear. This web page is set to automatically refresh every 5 minutes.  Use your refresh button to refresh sooner.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA Homepage
San Francisco Bay Area, CA Short Range Base Reflectivity



Sacramento, CA Homepage
Sacramento, CA Short Range Base Reflectivity



Reno, NV Homepage
Reno, NV Short Range Base Reflectivity